Friday, February 1, 2019

Keeping You Connected to Salem 365

Thank you all who have joined me on the first 31 days of the #salemma365 project.

If your still asking what this is all about ... well I have simply decided we all need Salem, MA in our lives daily.

Some of us are fortunate enough to live close by and can enjoy Salem's beauty year-round.  Some have the pleasure to visit a few times a year and many only once.  For some Salem is still a dream destination.

Social media is so great that it allows us to stay connected around the world at all times!

Yes, I know my page says Haunted Happenings Magazine and it's primary focus was just the magazine for October.  Times change and I love technology.  (not to worry, the magazine is still being printed each Oct.)  I have listened while many have asked for more!  So here goes... at least a post a day on Instagram / Facebook.  Depending what's going on or if I'm attending an event, you will get more.

That being said, don't forget to watch my stories!  Yes, the stories feature on both facebook & instagram will allow some behind the scenes into my personal life, work life and Salem!

I do have accounts on Twitter / Pinterest and Snapchat.  However, most of my loyal active followers are present on Instagram and Facebook.  I have enjoyed the relationships professionally and personally over social media.  I hope as this grows so will the relationships.

Please if you're not already following me or if your friends aren't ... click the share, like or follow button.  Send me a direct message and tell me where you're from and what you miss or want to see more of about Salem, MA.

I can't thank you all enough for being such great followers and friends! Thanks for joining me on this 365 journey.  Salem is so much more than Halloween in October!