Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Haunted Happenings Magazine Renewals

As Current Advertisers,You have first right to Refusal of your current space.  Interested in joining the Magazine?  We have space for you!

I know it's a bit early to start thinking about October!  

However, in order to get the magazine completed and on the streets of Salem in September with all your beautiful ads and events.  
I have to start now!  
I love it!  

This time of year and leading into Fall is absolutely my favorite time.   I love seeing the new businesses open, the tourist come back to see our great little city.  The energy in the air is just amazing.  All of these magical feelings heading into October makes for a Spooktacular Halloween in Salem.

All that being said, I spent early Spring working on the website - it's got a fresh new feel - check it out: www.HauntedHappeningsMagazine.com

While there, it would be a great time to check out your listing for updates!  
Any changes can be emailed to me directly at: 

You can now reserve your space online.   I have created a secure online form for all to fill out.  I will be working from this form daily.  It features a date / time stamp as to when you reserved.  Filling out this form also allows you to pick your ad copy size and leave comments or questions.  Please visit the reservations link here:

2017 Calendar of Events I have already received a lot of requests via social media about the events taking place this October.  It's never to early to submit yours.  I will be updating the calendar daily or more frequently as needed!  Email your extended hours / daily events and ongoing monthly events to: Aimee@Hauntedhappeningssalem.com

Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy May! Time to start thinking Fall 🎃

All these May Showers ☔ have provided me some down time to revamp the website.  👻  Which also means... Advertising for this years Magazine is in Full Swing.  As always current advertisers hold first right to refusal of their current space from 2016.  New Advertisers / Businesses are always welcomed and encouraged.

Ad reservations / Ad Copy and Events can be submitted at any time.
As always the sooner, the better!  I will be submitting new events & extended hours, online as I receive them.

I do encourage all advertisers to take a moment to review your information on our site.  http://www.hauntedhappeningssalem.com
Please submit revised copy at any time as well.

Ad reservations can be made via email: Aimee@Hauntedhappeningssalem.com or via our new forms link: http://www.hauntedhappeningssalem.com/reservation-form.html

2016 brought so many wonderful memories and connections, Thank You - I can't wait for 2017 Haunted Happenings #hhmagazine